Building Consistency through Accountability

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July 21, 2024

Building Consistency through Accountability

Iron sharpens Iron!

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve talked about building consistency in order to achieve success in whatever your endeavor may be.

Consistency can be built through focus, such as looking at our next step versus continually looking for the end result.

Our environment can play a role in how well we show up.

Nutrition and clutter, checking social media, and doing things to simplify our days are all ways in which our environment can positively or negatively impact our ability to achieve consistency.

For the third installment of this mini-series, I want to talk about accountability.

In essence, one aspect of accountability involves our environment.

In other words, WHO is around us.

Being around individuals who are courageous and bold can be both motivating and a source of information gathering.

However, if our circle includes those who are okay just chillin’, then an apathetic...

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Building Consistency Through Environment

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July 14, 2024

Building Consistency through Environment

Environment beats Will Power!

Last week we talked about  Building Consistency through a change in focus.

Today, I want to touch on building consistency by Changing our Environment.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, wrote “In the long run, your will power will never beat your environment”.

In other words, no matter how strong your intentions are, the way of life around you will prevail.

It’s just like you can’t out-train bad nutrition.

Speaking of which, yes, your nutrition is part of your environment and it can affect your consistency.

Here are two ways that it does:  What one eats can impact our energy levels.  If we are low on energy, we may  not feel motivated to put in the effort.

Also, poor eating can make us feel “uncomfortable”, let’s say.

Being uncomfortable can tinker with our confidence.  And with decreased confidence comes a...

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Building Consistency through Focus

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July 7, 2024

Building Consistency through Focus

The DOING is important!

Success comes from consistency.

But how do we build that?

Build better consistency in pursuing your goal by three ways: 

  1. Change in Focus
  2. Change in Environment
  3. Change in Accountability

Today, I want to talk about Change in Focus.

So often we struggle with consistency because the focus is in the wrong place.

We all want to have a thriving practice, and we even envision what that practice looks like.  Which is great.

The problem comes when we are fixated on what we hope the business will look like one day in the future - the end result, or outcome.

Instead, what would it look like if we placed our attention on the work we needed to do today - the process.

True, this isn’t easy to do, because…it’s work.  It can seem daunting.  Sometimes we’re not even sure which direction to go.

In his book, The Gap and the Gain, Benjamin Hardy speaks of people...

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Biggest Secret to Marketing

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June 30, 2024

Biggest Secret to Marketing

One simple skill!

Want to know the “secret” to good marketing?

We see the question posted all the time of “How do I best market?”

The problem is that we are never taught marketing.

We even published a blog not that long ago as to why many people tend to dislike this necessary business building activity.  

One of the big reasons is because of what was just stated: We are never taught how to do it.

Let us first tell you what the “secrets” are NOT.

It’s not spending more money.

It’s not Facebook ads.

It’s not Google SEO.

It’s not hustling a little harder.

It’s NOT buying physicians and their entire staff lunches.

It’s not making your website prettier to see.

It’s not buying a spot in your local magazine.

It’s not sending out mailers.

It’s not even having conversations (those without a clear game plan, particularly).

Yes, ALL...

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Just Above Average Can Be Just Perfect

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June 23, 2024

Just Above Average Can Be Just Perfect

Perfection is Stagnation!

Do you struggle with perfectionism?

If so, you’re not alone.  It’s a bug that bites a majority of people.

While having the ducks in a row, and everything just so can give the illusion of order and control, the need to be perfect just may be the number one cause preventing your business’ growth.

This blog has talked before about having the ducks in a row.

Today, we want to provide another perspective.

Perfect can actually be stressful.

Stress tends to have a negative impact on creativity.  It also delays action.

Delayed action means delayed success.

Forgotten is the fact that customers are wanting help; they're not concerned about the aesthetics of a website, for example.

Perfection is about avoiding mistakes.  Mistakes are where lessons are learned and growth happens.

Failure builds character .

Failure can show us the path to success.

Rooted in...

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To Grow, Ask

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June 16, 2024

To Grow, ASK

It Makes Dreams Happen Faster!

Asking someone for help for some reason is one of the scariest things for people to do.

Perhaps because we don’t want to appear incompetent.

 However, most of us feel this “need” to present ourselves to others as though we have it all figured out.

Asking for help has someone become equated with a sign of weakness.

You would be shocked how many times I had no idea what I was doing, and my questions were met and answered with wisdom.

Ask what more is out there...

So many people have become complacent to the notion of  “This is just the way it is.”

After six years of being part of some crazy businesses and seeing growth over those years, I am no longer surprised when my mind is blown away by what’s possible.

Ask what makes you any different…

The people out there who are “killing it” are no different from you in many ways.

They have the same...

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Selling Should Be Fun, not Stressful

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June 9, 2024

Selling Should Be Fun, not Stressful

So, this Brit walks into a coffee shop…

I’m curious.

Do you enjoy “selling”?  Do you even like to sell?

If you are like many other people (forget about therapists. I’m talking about people, in general), selling is probably NOT your most favorite thing in the world to do.

We get it.  Selling is awkward.  

It pushes us outside of our normal comfort zone.  And, besides, since most of us despise that pushy salesperson, then the last thing we want to be seen as is …. that pushy salesperson.

Like so many other new and budding entrepreneurs, the three of us were never huge fans of selling when we started in our businesses.  However, we discovered that as we learned the most important element of selling - and how, dare I say, simple it was - then selling actually became fun!

Selling in the same breath as FUN?

You betcha!

Mind if I share a true...

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Time Management: From Chaos to Control

Uncategorized May 29, 2024


June 2, 2024

Time Management: From Chaos to Control

Procrastination is a biggie!

For today’s edition of the Uncaged Clinician blog has been provided by UNCAGED Success Council member, Bianca Simmons.

We are grateful for her contribution to today’s publication.

Thank you, Bianca!

Time management is possibly the single most common struggle we all have.

If it is so pervasive, why is it so hard to conquer?

Many of us face overwhelming task loads.

Too long of a laundry list leaves no time for play.

Your “to-do” list should fit on a 3x3” sticky note; not a 8.5x11” piece of paper.

Distractions and interruptions bombard us.

However, a vast majority of distractions are by our own doing.

At the top of the list is our social media addition with checking how many “likes” our most recent post has, to being suckered into the endless cuteness of puppy and bear cub reels.

Something rarely admitted to is a lack of clear goals.


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Embracing the word "NO"

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May 26, 2024

Embrace the word “NO”

NO may be a Redirection!

Fear of Failure

While a majority of people fear failure, it may not be the #1 thing that stops budding practice owners from making progress.

Certainly, not wanting to fail will prevent one from taking action.

However, two simple letters cause one to pump the brakes and stop altogether, “NO.”

While they may not be entirely different, fearing failure and fearing “No” each have their own respective unique characteristics.

Fearing failure will - and often does - prevent one from even taking a chance in the first place.

Avoiding failure stems from multiple roots.

We are essentially groomed all throughout our lives to not make mistakes.

By no fault of our parents, we are usually conditioned as children to be low risk takers for the simple fact that parents don’t want to see their child struggle.

It is natural for a parent to want their kids to have life better than...

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Your Business Grows with Roots

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May 19, 2024

Your Business Grows with Roots

The true life-line of your practice!

If your social media feed is like mine, you are bombarded with loads of ads suggesting that you can have instant success in your practice by doing a simple thing. 

Yes, there is a lot to be said about simplicity. Honestly, simple is “sexy”, as the saying often goes in the business world. 

However, before “simple” can be effective we must first lay down some important groundwork.

Establish our roots, if you will. 

As I was out on my run the other morning, I had to go around a fallen palo verde tree that had been blown down by the previous night’s storm.  

As I ran by I noticed that for its size, it seemed to have rather small roots.  

The sight of this got my nogging to thinking.  This fallen tree reminded me of the many stories that I hear regarding clinicians’ attempts at attracting clients - albeit,...

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